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May 20, 2021

This is a narration of the third chapter of Lars Lih's excellent book Lenin Rediscovered: What Is to Be Done? In Context. In this chapter, Lih explores three crucial texts from the Iskra period of Lenin's career, December 1900 to August 1903. The first, Russia and Its Crisis, was written by liberal revolutionary Paul Miliukov and explains the context of the revolutionary situation leading up to 1905 in which Iskra was published. The second, the Bolsheviks' Amsterdam Report from 1904, looked back at the Iskra period and gave the Bolshevik's side of the story. The third, which Lih calls the Political Agitation series, is a number of Iskra articles written by Lenin which further elucidate his Erfurtian outlook. The three texts combine to present overwhelming evidence that the textbook interpretation of Lenin is seriously flawed.
The full audiobook is currently in production by the team at Cosmonaut Magazine. You can find more episodes (and other audio books) on our Youtube channel, and you can purchase a physical copy of the book itself at Haymarket books.
Narration and editing by Cliff Connolly.