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Oct 17, 2023

Donald, Christian, and Connor sit down to discuss the political economic conditions of the Soviet Union during the period of the New Economic Policy. Over the course of the episode, they cover War Communism, the intellectual currents and debates within the Party, the importance of the peasant question, the geopolitics of isolation, and the NEP’s long term viability.

R. C. Allen - Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution

V. Barnett - The Revolutionary Russian Economy, 1890-1940 Ideas, Debates and Alternatives

V. Brovkin - Russia After Lenin: Politics, Culture and Society, 1921-1929

E. H. Carr and R. W. Davies – Foundations of a Planned Economy 1926-1929, Volume 1

R. W. Davies - From Tsarism to the New Economic Policy: Continuity and Change in the Economy of the U.S.S.R.

R. W. Davies - Soviet Economic Development from Lenin to Khrushchev

R. W. Davies - The Socialist Offensive: The Collectivisation of Soviet Agriculture, 1929-1930

R. B. Day - Leon Trotsky and the Politics of Economic Isolation

A. Ehrlich – The Soviet Industrialization Debate, 1924-1928

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M. L. Hilton - Selling to the Masses: Retailing in Russia, 1880-1930

M. Reiman - The Birth of Stalinism: the USSR on The Eve of The Second Revolution

S. A. Resnick, R. D. Wolff - Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR

O. Sanchez-Sibony - Red Globalization: The Political Economy of the Soviet Cold War from Stalin to Khrushchev. 

D. Shearer - Industry, State, and Society in Stalin's Russia, 1926-1934

K. A. S. Siegel - Loans and Legitimacy: The Evolution of Soviet-American Relations, 1919-1933

L. H. Siegelbaum - Soviet State and Society Between Revolutions 1918-1929

D. R. Stone - Hammer and Rifle: The Militarization of the Soviet Union, 1926-1933