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Nov 8, 2021

Jackson and Rudy join Mike Gouldhawke, a Métis and Cree writer whose  family is from kistahpinanihk (City of Prince Albert) and nêwo-nâkîwin  (Mont Nebo) in Treaty 6 territory in Saskatchewan, for a discussion on  indigenous issues in Canada with a focus on the Métis. We talk about the  history of the Métis, through ethnogenesis, the Red River Resistance  and the North-West Resistance. The conversation continues with  cross-border organizing, the similarities and differences between  Canadian and US Indian populations, the red power movement in the 60s  and the origin of the Land Back demand and how that demand has become  popular again. We also discuss the different meanings of Land Back in  the present, solidarity across Indigenous Nations, and the recent small  bouts of solidarity between unions and indigenous struggle, the George  Williams affair and alliances between Canadian diasporic communities and  indigenous nations, indigenous thinkers who have tried to bridge  Marxism and Indigenous thought. We finish by discussing the  relationships to the Quebec sovereignty movement and the new  relationships between the Canadian state and indigenous nations.

Further reading

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