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Jul 4, 2022

Dillon, Rudy, Amelia and Lucas sit down to discuss the art and practice of mentorship. We talk about how to assert yourself as a mentor without being resented or developing an unbalanced relationship, one-on-one mentorship vs group mentorship and what makes a good mentor. We follow up by discussing how to adequately make a person feel welcome and contribute to the movement and allowing them to grow, the art and practice of delegation, and give ample examples on our experiences with these topics. 

Ted Lasso (on Apple TV)
Nancy McWilliams - Psychoanalytic Supervision (Chs. 4 & 6)
Labor Notes - Steward's Corner: Helping New Stewards
Nick Drediger - It won’t grow if you don’t delegate
Lauren Katz & Ryan Mosgrove - The Metro DC Socialist Mobilization Model