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Jan 25, 2022

Rudy and Giacomo Bianchino join Boe Spearim, host of Frontier Wars and Kieran from the Australian Communist Party and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council association for an introductory discussion on indigenous  Australians. We discuss the history of indigenous Australians before the  arrival of Europeans, what the "Frontier Wars" were and the  "historiography wars" around their story, how the indigenous struggle  changed after the "end" of these wars, including the day of mourning  protests, the Freedom rides, the Springbok boycott and the tent embassy,  and how land back was put into the Australian political agenda. They  tell us about the international relationships of the black Australian  struggle including their the US Black Panthers and  solidarity with other indigenous groups around the world.  We also discuss the  relationship between indigenous struggles and Marxism, the history of solidarity among oppressed groups in Australia, before finishing with the prospects for anti-colonial solidarity and the issues aboriginal people usually face when trying to build this solidarity.