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Feb 21, 2022

AJ, Annie, Ira and Rudy discuss the methods of workers' inquiry and social investigation and how they have applied it to their organizing. They talk about the history of workers inquiry and its uneven use across tendencies, the usefulness of the method and the varying objects and objectives of the investigation. They also reflect on the ways that have used the methods of inquiry in their organizing. 

A Workers Inquiry (1880) - K. Marx
Struggle at FIAT - R. Alquati
Socialist Uses of Workers Inquiry - R. Panzieri
Workers’ Inquiry: A Genealogy - A. Haider, S. Mohandesi
Workers' Inquiry and Global Class Struggle: Strategies, Tactics, Objectives - R. Ovetz (ed.)
Sites of a Communist beginning - M. Ely
Class Consciousness or Class Composition? - S. Mohandesi (Science & Society)
A Worker in a Worker's State: Piece-rates in Hungary - M. Haraszti
A call for communist social investigation a year after the summer of rebellion - Kites Journal
Workers Inquiry and Social Composition - Notes from Below
No Politics Without Inquiry - Notes from Below