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Dec 16, 2020

Rudy is joined by Jonathan, Henry and Felipe from the Boston Independent Drivers Guild for a discussion on how gig drivers are  resisting and organizing against precarity in their jobs. We discuss  what a typical working day looks like and how drivers relate to their  jobs and what the workforce looks like and what challenges that entails  when organizing, such as multilingualism. Felipe discusses how Uber and Lyft workers can meet each other, how BIDG was started, its current organizing strategy and the long-term goals of the guild,  and what  their relationship to others unions is. The episode then pivots to the  context of Prop 22, how that battle was lost and how the guild is  planning for future fights. We end by discussing Uber's interface with venture capital and its common lie that the company is not profitable  

As Felipe said, if you are a gig worker, or a ride-sharing driver, you  are not alone. There is probably a driver union somewhere near you, with  people getting organized to fight.