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Aug 21, 2023

Amelia joins Amy, Steven, and Greg for a discussion centered around the Marxist Unity Group (MUG) in the aftermath of the recent Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) convention. Amy, who earned a seat on the National Political Committee (NPC) through her election at the convention, as well as the others provide an insider's perspective on the organization of DSA and the significance of the National Convention. The conversation delves into the inner workings of DSA, exploring its structural dynamics, the purpose of the National Convention, and the extent of its influence. Factions within DSA, the culture of open debate, and the underlying divisions within the organization come under scrutiny. The team then dissects the proceedings and outcomes of the convention itself. Shifting the focus to the youth wing of DSA, they talk about Marxist Unity Group's strategic approach here. The episode concludes with an exploration of MUG's immediate and medium-term political aspirations, offering listeners a comprehensive overview of their vision and trajectory.