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Jan 4, 2024

Chas, James, and Rudy delve into the history of the Polish People's Republic in this episode, focusing on the influential Solidarity movement. They explore communism's roots in Poland from the interwar period to WWII, highlighting the challenges posed by the Soviet invasion. The conversation covers the post-WWII liberation, the establishment of the Polish nation-state, and the diverse governmental shifts leading up to the 1980s. They also discuss how Solidarity emerges from the Workers' Defense Committee, leading to discussions on the events preceding martial law and the eventual decline of communism in 1980s Poland. They conclude by examining Solidarity's post-communist path and comparing the varied trajectories of the People's Republics.


F. Bartel - The Triumph of Broken Promises: The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism
J. M. Bloom - Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution: Solidarity and the Struggle Against Communism in Poland
F. Fejtö - A history of the people's democracies: Eastern Europe since Stalin
P. J. Kenney - Rebuilding Poland: Workers and Communists, 1945–1950
D. Ost - Defeat of Solidarity: Anger And Politics In Postcommunist Europe
D. Ost - Solidarity and the Politics of Anti-Politics: Opposition and Reform in Poland since 1968
A. J. Prazmowska - Civil War in Poland: 1942-1948
A. Szymanski - Class Struggle in Socialist Poland: With Comparisons to Yugoslavia