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Apr 25, 2022

Lydia and Rudy join Imogen Woods from Prometheus Journal to discuss her articles on organizing social care workers and houseworkers. We talk about the concept of social care factory, and how the mass privatization has resulted in declining care standards as well as working standards. We talk about how democratically run care system can look like, how to organize social care workers and how "love" is used as a currency. We then switch to a discussion of the International Feminist Collective and the Wages for Housework movement, and contrast it to Maria Macciocchi's political work with the housewives of Naples. We briefly discuss the use/exchange value debate of housework, and what the role of a housewife or women's strike can be, and finish off by discussing how women should address sexism in the left.

Aside from Imogen's two articles, we mention Louise Toupin's history of the Wages for Housework movement.